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Title Loans in Fresno, CA with Premium Loans

Here at Premium Loans in Fresno we care about our clients. We have created a business that is meant to be helpful and convenient to anyone that may need a quick cash loan. We offer great interest rates and low monthly payments, and we take the guesswork out of how much money you can receive.

We are the best in the business!

All over the United States of America, people are looking for solutions to their financial troubles . Whether it is an unexpected expense or the checks you have received just aren't enough to cover the basics, helping you succeed is our goal. We simply look at the value of your vehicle and make a decision, using various programs, on how much its worth and how much of a loan you can take out on it. You could receive thousands of dollars just with your vehicle title and your vehicle stays with you. We understand that keeping your vehicle is imperative to you continuing to make a living and enjoying the lifestyle you have.

Easy Payments

At most traditional lenders, like banks or credit unions, you are told exactly how much you must pay back every month. Without them looking into your current financials to see if you can afford it and if you will still be able to live with the money that is left over. They do not care as long they have their money back, on their terms. Not only does this add a huge stress to your already delicate budget but it makes it difficult to ever get out of debt, the interest accumulates and you're stuck in a never ending cycle of payments to these lenders. At Premium Loans our loans are set up so that you, the client, has an affordable monthly payment. We accept many different payment methods from such as, Visa, MasterCard, Money orders, or certified checks.

We DO NOT check your credit.

One of the biggest issues people often face with receiving a loan from a traditional lender can be a less-than-stellar credit history. Your credit history dilemmas should not prevent you from enjoying the same benefits others receive, getting a loan during a big financial struggle is something everyone should enjoy. Life goes on no matter how much money you have, sometimes some bills just can't be covered without a little extra help. Our customers are our number one priority and we strive to get you the money you need, because you deserve help too!

Our customer service is first-rate!

Whether you are speaking to one of our representatives over the phone or you are meeting with one of our lenders in person, you will notice not only the attention but also the care that we provide to all our valued customers. They are incredibly knowledgeable and have all the correct tools to help you in the process of receiving a title loan. We take the time to explain everything and guide you into to making the best financial decisions for your current situation.

Give us a try, apply today and you won't regret it.

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PremiumLoans may act as the broker for the loan, and may not be the direct lender.
All loan applications are subject to meeting our credit criteria, which includes providing acceptable property as collateral. Consumers need to demonstrate ability to repay the loan.
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